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Track Listing :

Back To Black

Body and Soul 


All Good 

Only You Can 

I'm Yours 

Papa's Records 

"This is an extraordinary project that is clearly the product of the talent and tenacity of Mina Yu.  While listening to the album, I am refreshed by the rather energetic music heard throughout.  Whether it is the drive of All Good, the precision of Back to Black, or the soulfulness of Incantation, the album truly delivers a rather memorable and pleasing experience that music lovers will certainly enjoy!  This will be something you listen to again and again!"


Jonathan Quash

Director of York College Male Initiative Program 

Instructor of Dept of Performing and Fine Arts 

Director of York College Gospel Chorus


"Yu is something special: she is one of the most elegant and tasteful pianists I've heard for some time. Her comping - the underrated art of accompanying the improvisations of others - is faultless."


Eric Myers 

The Australian  

All tracks composed by Mina Yu except Body and Soul 


Piano Mina Yu 

Drums Oscar Suchanek

Voice Songyi Jeon

Bass Osmar Okuma

Trumpet Tomer Ron

Guitar Javier Rosario


Producers Mina Yu, Ben Charnley and Albino Mobie

Engineer Daniel Alba 


Cover Photographer Ji Hyung Ryu

Graphic Design Mina Yu 


Recorded in Record Company, Boston, USA



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